Markus Utke

Publishing information:

VIBEKINGz Publishing Edition / BMG Rights Management
GEMA Number: 728370 – IPI Number: 594.88.72.79



Born and raised in Norderstedt, Markus early discovered his passion for making music. At the age of 10 he began practicing keyboard and piano and at the age of 16 he then started to learn how to play the guitar. After he gained some experience in different bands, he more and more discovered his passion for music production. In the early 2000s he focused on Hip Hop music and started to produce his own songs in 2002. He started connecting with Artists from all over the World. The „Dipset Movement“ was very popular at that time, so he started working with a lot of Artists within this worldwide movement. Such as S.A.S. Eurogang, Prince Neggafellaga and many more.  Since 2008 Markus is a part of the big VIBEKINGz Family which is under contract with BMG Rights Management. Since than he produced for Artists like: K-Young, Y´akoto, Bahar (Monrose) and a bunch of TV commercials.


K-Young, Y´akoto, Rayven Justice, Bahar, Dame, Prince Fellag, SpaceBoyz, Ali A$

Opel Corsa, Closed, Jam! Reisen