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THE Squad

Patrick Scheffler

Producer / Songwriter

As head and founder of „VIBEKINGz“, Patrick „Static“ Scheffler started out as a DJ in clubs all over Germany. Making use of his experience, he quickly developed, becoming a trendsetter of modern sounds and productions. In 2006 he celebrated his final breakthrough releasing „Like the wind“ which made it to Top 2 in the Media […]

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Markus Utke


Born and raised in Norderstedt, Markus early discovered his passion for making music. At the age of 10 he began practicing keyboard and piano and at the age of 16 he then started to learn how to play the guitar. After he gained some experience in different bands, he more and more discovered his passion […]

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Jonathan Storm

Producer / Musician

Jonathan Storm is a multi instrumentalist and producer who is hard to put into typical musical genres, because he loves to mix them in his productions. He met Patrick Scheffler in 2007 at the age of 16 and since than he has been a part of VIBEKINGz. He signed to VIBEKINGz Publishing in 2010. Jonathan Storm […]

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Tihamer Jenei

Producer / Singer

Tihamer Jenei is a German singer-songwriter and music producer from Hamburg. He has written and produced songs for several companies and artists in the music industry and recieved awards like the most visited German youtube channel in 2011. As well as producing music for national & international campaigns including McDonalds & Apple partners (2015), Tihamer […]

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Rapper / Songwriter

Nitro has been one of the first members to join VIBEKINGz. While featuring many projects as an artist, he helped molding the young group of musicians into the well known production team it is now. In addition to refining his talent for songwriting, rap and showmanship, Nitro majored in graphics and motion design helping him […]

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Singer / Songwriter

Stefania Dominguez aka Ria is a bilingual American artist and songwriter with genre-crossing backgrounds and international roots. She graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA with a BA in Songwriting. Her first single ‘Alright’ was released in 2009 and got her a performance slot on Grammy-award winning artist John Mayer’s Battle Studies Tour. […]

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Singer / Songwriter

Bria is an eclectic multicultural singer/songwriter and dancer hailing from Jamaican and American descent, fluent in both English and Spanish. She has been vocally trained for 18 years and began composing,writing and performing in different countries at the age of 15. She also competed in and won professional dance competitions throughout Europe for 10 years. […]

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