Publishing information:

VIBEKINGz Publishing Edition / BMG Rights Management
GEMA Number:  1172812 – IPI: 00720 48 68 46



Bria is an eclectic multicultural singer/songwriter and dancer hailing from Jamaican and American descent, fluent in both English and Spanish. She has been vocally trained for 18 years and began composing,writing and performing in different countries at the age of 15. She also competed in and won professional dance competitions throughout Europe for 10 years. After having performed for the likes of stars such as Tina Turner and Til Schweiger, in 2013 Bria moved on to headline her own concert at  the Auditorium de Palma collaborating with artists such as Latin Grammy Award winning Mayito Rivera and during 2014 & 2015 she was the youngest vocalist to collaborate & perform with the symphonic orchestra of Palermo. In 2016 she was the support act for multiple-award winning singer JoJo in Germany. Early 2018 she featured on British artist Nolay´s The Hype (Remix) which garnered great chart success in Germany. Soon after she signed a publishing deal with VIBEKINGz Publishing Edition / BMG Rights Management which led to her working on an array of diverse projects. In April of 2018 she began collaborating with Google for their #TeamPixel project as a social influencer.



Gold in Germany (Back To The Start by Michael Schulte)

Michael Schulte, Ivana Santacruz, TIM PLVNK, Nitro, Natal, Nolay

Hyundai, Bauhaus